I’m writing in reference to THE JC EXPERIENCE. I have known JC personally for only a few months but I have learned to know him through the experience of a few of my Facebook friends by seeing their weight loss journey. The thing that really caught my attention when I saw one young lady had lost 100lbs in 5 months and I immediately sent him a message to start my journey. Boy was I in for an EXPERIENCE! His program is customized to fit each individual according to their size/weight. When I started with him, I could barely finish my workout at 1.5 speed on a treadmill. I started with him in March wearing a size 22 comfortably. Now I’m in a size 14/16 running 4.0 on the treadmill. This man is a God sent gift for anyone who is mentally ready for a change. I’m so honored to have found this precious gem because he has changed my life for the better. In the past, I’ve experienced weight watchers, pills, you name it I’ve probably tried it, but nothing has worked and given me these amazing results in this short period of time but the JC Experience. Now days people have to see results in order to believe it. Just by my results alone he’s had quite a few clients sign on because seeing is believing. One thing I have learned about him is he holds you accountable and he manipulates your meals on a daily basis. That’s what is missing in a lot of trainers. He’s very passionate in what he does and that also makes a difference in the JC Experience.
Felecia W. – LA Mesa, CA
Yo, just added ya because I saw the shirt and like the brand. Love the word play and spin adding a positive connotation on a negative statement which is literally controlling the negative thought. A brand name that forces you to think different. Super dope.
Janie C. – San Diego, CA
Joshua is an awesome trainer. A lot of trainers out there in the past that I’ve used were really hard on me. Joshua was not hard on me and he was very motivating. His program is very well organized. I had some great results. I was very happy with it.
R. Strickland – Pacific Beach, CA
I hired Joshua Cox to get me into shape for a wedding that I was going to. I was able to shave 20 lbs off in a month’s time. I really look good in that dress. Thank you SOOOO much for your help Josh.
M. Mooreland – Del Mar, CA
Thank you so much for the I can’t team. So motivating. Excellent message. Great instruction. I really appreciate Joshua’s positive attitude. I would always feel so much better after a session. Thanks again.
R. Watson – National City, CA

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